Lower Primary is made up of Grades 1, 2 and 3

After completing Pre-Primary, learners then transition to lower primary where they will spend three years.

Learning Areas (Lower Primary)

  1. Literacy
  2. Kiswahili Language Activities/KSL for learners who are deaf
  3. English Language Activities
  4. Indigenous Language Activities
  5. Mathematical Activities (for day to day living)
  6. Environmental Activities (Science, Social and Agriculture Activities)
  7. Hygiene and Nutrition Activities
  8. Religious Education and Life Skills Activities
  9. Movement and Creative Activities (Art, Craft, Music and Physical Education)

Assessment in Lower Primary

There are two types of assessment in lower primary.

Formative assessment from Grade 1-3 is continuous through individual learners’ portfolios.

To transit to Grade 4, a national assessment will be administered but will not be individualized as its aim shall be to give an overall picture on whether the learners have acquired the expected competencies for this level. Learners will be randomly sampled across the country and assessed using standardized tools which will then be marked and analysed to get the overall picture of the entire population transiting to Grade 4

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Download the Basic Education Curriculum Framework, 2016 here