COVID-19 Measures for 2021

2020 has been a year of many lessons for us as a school. We had to close and no learning has gone on since mid-March of this year. However we are grateful for the lessons learnt and are now looking forward to a better and more hopeful 2021.

The Ministry of Education has announced that all classes will resume in January of 2021 for Term 2. 

Here are some things we would like you to note as you also plan for next year.The Ministry of Education has released some guidelines regarding how learning will be conducted and so as a school we have taken the following measures

  1. Classes end at 12:30 PM and all parents are required to pick or make arrangements for their children to be picked from school from 1:00 PM. No child will be allowed to stay in school past this time.
  2. There will be no sleeping in the afternoon.
  3. There will be no sharing of stationery to avoid the risk of spreading COVID-19 and so you are required to buy your child all textbooks and stationery required for school.  We will provide exercise books only. You are required to buy textbooks, rubber, pencils, crayons, tablets, art supplies…etc for each of your children. A list of required stationery will be provided.
  4. Social distancing will be strictly observed in school and so the children will go to activities such as meals and play time in shifts to avoid crowding. All the desks in the classes will be placed at suitable distances.
  5. There will be multiple hand washing stations where the learners will be able to wash their hands to maintain proper hygiene
  6. Masks are compulsory for every learner. All cloth masks must be labelled. Note that any misplaced mask will be disposed off and not returned to its owner
  7. There will be a compulsory temperature check at the gate. If a child is found to have a higher temperature than the stipulated temperature given by the Ministry of Health, they will be not be allowed in school.We now require that if your child is sick, that they do not attend school until they have been certified by a Doctor to be in good health
  8. If a child falls sick while in school, they will be placed in a clean, sterilized isolation room that we have prepared. The parent/guardian will be informed and is required to pick them up immediately.
  9. We will provide psychological support for all our learners and staff on matters COVID-19
  10. We will not enroll daycare children this year (2021)
  11. Every room in the school will be cleaned thoroughly daily.
  12. For those who want to enroll their children in the skating class, they will need to bring their own skates
  13. We as a school will not provide transport any longer. With the requirement for social distancing, it will mean that the bus will have to make multiple trips. This does not make economic sense for now. We are working towards a solution for this as a school. If you still need a transport solution for your child, we can organize with transport providers which you will pay for independent from the school fees.
  14. All school fees must be paid in FULL before the beginning of term. No enrollment will take place otherwise. This is a policy we are adapting for 2021 and will be strictly followed. You will also be required to clear any and all fees balances. Kindly make arrangements before hand. The fees structure is available for download this website.

Download the Approved 2021 Fees Structure Here

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