Visual Learners

The Kenneth Academy

Visual learners typically

  • Are good at visual activities such as art, craft making…etc.
  • Love books that include illustrations like pictures, graphs, and maps
  • Recognize and recall people, words, and places easily
  • Are very interested in the world and objects around them
  • Do best when provided an example of the task he or she is working on

Auditory Learners

The Kenneth Academy

These learners

  • Shine at auditory activities such as music
  • Are often singing, humming, or talking when playing or doing schoolwork
  • Follow verbal instructions very well
  • Enjoy talking and having conversations with others
  • Pay attention to all the instructions before starting on a task
  • Have a lot of questions when working on tasks or activities

Reading/Writing Learners

The Kenneth Academy
  • Will write things down or takes notes when working on any task
  • Enjoy reading books and writing stories
  • Will remember easily what he or she has read
  • Work best alone in a quiet space
  • Will do well when writing down instructions to follow for a task

Kinesthetic Learners

  • Learn best by touching, moving, and physical doing
  • Do extremely well at physical activities (such as sports)
  • Would rather draw, build, or put something together by trial and error
  • Experience a hard time sitting still while learning
  • Love hands-on, active learning activities such as craft making, legos, and drawing
  • Prefer to jump straight into a task and get started

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