Visit the school where your child will be attending.

Get to know the routine, charges, required uniforms and other requirements. This will get both you and your child mentally prepared for the school year.

Talk about school enthusiastically

Talking about school with your child will get them psychologically prepared to start school. Ensure they know that they will be spending the day with other kids and adults without you but assure them that you will pick them up at the end of the school day.

Buy school supplies in advance

Purchase the school uniform, a bag, pencils, crayons…etc. with your child in advance to help them get excited for school.  Label their uniform and other items like their jacket and help them identify it.

Encourage independence

Show your child how to do their zips, buttons and shoe laces. Teach them how to eat on their own including eating with a spoon/fork

It is good if they can do toileting on their own, if not let them bee able to articulate that they would like to go to the toilet.

Set up a routine

Your child will be following an already set up timetable at school. Help them adjust by creating a morning and evening routine for them. The morning routine should include activities such as waking up, taking a bath, brushing teeth, getting dressed, breakfast and a goodbye routine. In the evening activities should gear toward winding down like a bath, homework, brushing their teeth, reading a story and getting to bed on time.

You should also set up a good bye routing to avoid separation anxiety, tears and temper tantrums

Enroll them in Daycare

If your child is 3 years, enrolling them in a daycare will help them make an easy transition to schooling. At The Kenneth Academy, we have an excellent daycare programme that focuses on transitioning a child from home to school. Get your child ready for school y enrolling them with us for Kshs. 6000 per month. We provide excellent care and three meals a day. Children can be dropped off any time after 8:00 am and must be picked up before 5:00 pm. Transport facilities are available