Gone are the days when you would drop your child in school and hope they get an education. With CBC, you are required as a parent to participate in your child’s education.

  1. Participate in our “A day with my child in school” programme
  2. Volunteer for school events
  3. Talk to your child’s teacher(s) regularly about their conduct and progress in school
  4. Read to them at home
  5. Help with their homework
  6. Tell them stories
  7. Teach them traditional songs
  8. Take your child to the bus in the morning
  9. Read and sign their diaries
  10. Discuss with your child about his or her school experiences daily.

School Diaries

You can keep up with your child’s learning and development by checking and signing their diaries daily. Your involvement is essential in maximizing the benefits the child gets from his or her school experience. You can also note any concerns in the diaries which our teachers at The Kenneth Academy will address promptly

Our “A day in school with my child” programme

In the spirit of fostering cooperation and parent involvement in the children’s education the “A day with my child” programme at The Kenneth Academy requires parents to spend one day in school to participate in their child’s activities and understand what goes into their child’s education.