Regular schedule and activities

At The Kenneth Academy, our learners’ days are jam-packed fun filled learning and interactive activities. Our learners are introduced to a structured environment that helps them make friends and play well with others. Our facilitators patiently and consistently coach the children, encouraging appropriate behaviors and outcomes.

Higher Cognitive functions

We use the exploratory learning model at The Kenneth Academy rather than a direct instruction format from the teacher that enables our learners to discover new and unique ways of solving problems

Social Development

The Kenneth Academy daycare centre helps learners improve their interactions with other children. We teach them applicable social skills, identity and belonging. This provides them with a foundation that stays with them for the rest of their lives

Children are willing to try healthier foods

Children can be picky eaters at times but are more likely to try new, healthier food in a setting where other children and adults are eating these foods. This may be advantageous for their long-term health. We provide two nutritious meals at The Kenneth Academy(Snack and Lunch)

Preparation for Kindergarten

Attending daycare helps children to smoothly transition from home to Kindergarten. With us, they learn how to deal with the initial separation anxiety, toileting, social skills and independence, skills that serve them well in Kindergarten